SQLTreeo v0.8.1

SQLTreeo v0.8.1
SQLTreeo v0.8.1 | 1 Mb

SQLTreeo’s mission is to create database performance improvement solutions using state-of-the-art technology. Our software solutions are pragmatic, easy to use and created for database administrators!


Integration with SSMS 2016
Create custom folders for databases, stored procedures, tables, views and user defined functions
Drag&Drop objects in folders
Management interface for bulk folder operations
Ctrl+click command to alter SQL object
Seamless sharing with other team members
Bulk folders creation
Dynamic folders
Support unlimited database instances
Drilldown functionality to very detailed historical data
Integrated chat to speak to your colleagues
Back and forward navigation
Intuitive ease of use
Replication monitoring
High Availibility
Alerting via free smartphone app
Runs on all Windows, Android and iOS devices


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