WebAcappella Responsive Business 1.3.32

WebAcappella Responsive Business 1.3.32
WebAcappella Responsive Business 1.3.32 | 101 Mb

A powerful and fully-functional engine! WebAcappella Responsive is based on Bootstrap technology. Innovative and customizable features are at your fingertips to help you design your website. Its WYSIWYG editor will make creating your website a breeze without having to worry about technical aspects.


Unlimited use
Design as many websites and pages as you like, the software will keep up with you! Creating without any restrictions is possible.
Go international
Promote your business worldwide thanks to rich multilingual management features!
You are in control
Centralized access to resources combined with a powerful internal search engine let you keep track of and find your content.
Keep up with trends
One Page or Multipage Scrolling, Smooth Scroll, Parallax and Flat Design. It’s easy to create and optimize a website to keep up with trends!
Google Friendly
An ALL RESPONSIVE site free of duplicate content and with built-in SEO tools. Everything you need to follow Google’s recommendations.
Productivity powerhouse
Publish your site in one click while continuing to make changes and to add features. A guaranteed time saver!
Express your creativity, the software takes care of the rest!
The software’s abundant features are designed to make creating websites easy.
System Requirements:
– Windows 7 and above
– 200 MB available on hard drive
WebAcappella Responsive 1.3 Features:
– Margin, alignment and spacing management
– Built-in templates
– Easy integration of Google Web Fonts
– Style design
– Text area
– Image
– Color area
– Image gallery and carousel (automatic slideshow)
– Button functions
– Navigation menu
– Contact form
– Maps
– HTML code
– Audio and video elements
– Custom Meta title and description tags
– Integrated heading tags
– One-click publishing
– And much more to discover!

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