MIDA Converter Basic for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin

image: https://developer.team/vault/images/2017/05/06/kWvZ.png

MIDA Converter Basic for RAD Studio 10.1.2 Berlin
MIDA Converter Basic for RAD Studio 10.1.2 Berlin | 5 Mb

Mida is a complete converter of Embarcadero Delphi and C++ Builder VCL applications to FireMonkey applications. It is able to fully convert over 200 components with more being added in each new release. It fully supports and updates the data modules updating the .pas, .cpp, and .dpr files in both Delphi and C++ Builder. VCL Framework and FireMonkey frameworks are very different and in some cases single click conversions are not possible. But in most cases you can generate a new FireMonkey application with only a few manual changes required.


Mida is priced modestly costing less than 2 hours of a programmers time, yet can save you weeks or months of effort when converting a VCL to FireMonkey application.

FireMonkey does not support the VCL data-aware components such at the edit box control TDBEdit. Mida takes care of this automatically by using the new Dephi/C++ “Live-Bindings” technology. It creates the standard controls then configures the live-binding bidirectional links and properties for each control leaving you with exactly the same database functionality in your application.

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