SQL Pretty Printer 3.6.0

SQL Pretty Printer 3.6.0
SQL Pretty Printer 3.6.0 | 5 Mb

Add the ability to format SQL inside SQL Server Management Studio with SQL Pretty Printer Add-In for SSMS. It makes your team more productive by using a uniform layout rule and standardize SQL in your team. Just click on “Format Selected SQL” or “Format All SQL”, the Add-In will beautify SQL according to your predefined layout rules.

With more than 80 format options and still growing, get your favorite SQL layout, It’s never been so easy. switch between different styles with predefined layout templates quickly.

Allows you to switch from team “standard” formatting to individually preferred formatting and back for better uniformity in your source control repository.

Publish well formatted and colored SQL scripts (in html or RTF) on the web, blogs, forums, articles or books. It will make you look more professional.

Just write SQL and focus on functionality, don’t worry about how many spaces or tabs need to be used to indent SQL. SQL Pretty Printer will do it for you with just one hotkey.

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