Database .NET Plus 21.5.6316

Database .NET Plus 21.5.6316
Database .NET Plus 21.5.6316 | 15 Mb

Database .NET is a simple and intuitive database management tool for multiple databases, making local and remote database administration easier. With it you can Create databases, Design tables, Edit data, Export data, Generate scripts and run SQL queries. Create, Shrink, Protect Database. Export to CSV/XML/TXT/XLS/SQL. Syntax Highlighting. Table Editor.


* Data Editor
* AutoComplete
* Generate scripts
* Service Manager
* Code Manager
* Multiple Query Tabs
* Print Query Results
* MultiLingual
* … and much more.
* MS Access 97-2003 (*.mdb;*.*)
* MS Access 2007-2010 (*.accdb)
* MS Excel 97-2003 (*.xls)
* MS Excel 2007-2010 (*.xlsx)
* SQL Server
* SQL Server CE 3.5, 4.0 (*.sdf)
* SQL Azure
* OData/Microsoft Dallas Services
* SQLite (*.db;*.db3;*.sqlite)
* Firebird Superserver/Embedded (*.gdb;*.fdb)
* PostgreSQL
* Oracle
* dBase IV
* Data Sources (OLE DB)
* ODBC DSN(Data Source Name)

Ver 21.5.6316 (2017/04/17) Stable Version
– Main program update:
Upd: Data Import : Data Export : Increases the overall performance by 30% to 50% (6316)
Upd: Execute an SQL script file : Dramatically optimize batch processing speed (6316)
Fix: Improved re-targeting Firebird’s path without immediate reboot (6316)
– Data Import :
Add: After the completion of the import, increase the number of skipped rows (Elipped time) and elapsed time (Elapsed time) and other information display (6316)
– Object Navigator :
Add: (Firebird 3) support PSQL Stored Functions object browsing / generation and execution functions (6316)
– Database Migration (Pro):
Upd: All updates with dbMigration .NET Software (6316)


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