LMD VCL Complete 2017 for Delphi 10 Seatle

LMD VCL Complete 2017 for Delphi 10 Seatle
LMD VCL Complete 2017 for Delphi 10 Seatle | 160 Mb

LMD VCL Complete includes all current LMD Innovative VCL(.NET) main products including all standalone packs. To review a complete list of all changes check out the What’s new section on our public LMD Wiki.


Actually all features of the following main products are included:
LMD ElPack
NG Complete

More than 740 native components for any kind of task.
Full sourcecode of all controls included
All features of the most current platform release: LMD-Tools, ElPack and LMD IDE-Tools.
Includes free license of NG Complete!
New in 2017 release: Improved VCL Styles support in major packages (LMD-Tools, ElPack etc.). Full source code of the AnyLogger client available which allows the creation of customized logging clients.
New in 2016 release: NG Drag&DropPack! VCL Styles support in DockingPack, more LMD-Tools controls etc.
New in 2015 release: NG ConnectionPack!
New in 2014 release: LMD DialogPack, LMD GridPack, LMD InspectorPack and enhanced LMD DockingPack!
Extensive demo projects with sourcecode
1-year subscription period included with each purchase (full version or update)
A Site License covers unlimited number of developers in same organization at one location
Free technical support via public form (forum.lmd.de), e-mail, fax or mail

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