PolyScript 3.0

PolyScript 3.0
PolyScript 3.0 | 15 Mb

Polyscript is an advanced, user friendly, secure flexible terminal client with Telnet, SSH, SSH2 connectivity in a new tabbed multi-session interface. It provides an easy way to organize devices in a tree-like library, allowing you perform operations on a many devices simultanously. Polyscript includes a revolutionary scripting engine with no need to write code ! a simple drag-n-drop system allowing technicians, administrators and developers to create automated operations in a minute.


Tabbed Connection
Use one copy of Polyscript to open as many Telnet and SSH connections as you need.
Session windows can be arranged.
Run scripts simultaneously.
Type text simultaneously.
Switch easily between sessions with tabbed browsing and the CTRL-TAB hotkey.
Easy Organization
Organise the hosts you use hierarchically.
Run scripts on a group of hosts
Connect and login multiple devices with one click
Manage favorite scripts for a group/host.
No more programming knowledge !
Simple drag-n-drop interface
Customize the scripts with user input.
Run script on multiple hosts at the same time.


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