Nicomsoft OCR SDK 7.0.885


Nicomsoft OCR SDK 7.0.885
Nicomsoft OCR SDK 7.0.885 | 92 Mb

The Nicomsoft OCR SDK is an OCR library that allows developers to easily embed high-quality optical character recognition functionality in their products. The recognition quality delivered by Nicomsoft OCR is on a par with the premium OCR packages available on the market, and we also offer a royalty-free licensing policy. As a result, our customers can enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership of a quality OCR system, which enables them to create more-competitive software products.


Key features
Supports 26 languages: Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish
Asian OCR module which supports 5 Asian languages: Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Arabic, Japanese, Korean.
Supports many image formats, including such popular ones as BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF.
Supports multipage image formats (TIFF, GIF).
Supports PDF files (by default, GhostScript is used)
OCR’ed documents can be saved in the PDF, PDF/A (PDF/A-1a or PDF/A-1b), RTF, Text or XML formats.
Can load an image from a file, memory, or raw pixel data.
Can scan documents: both TWAIN and WIA interfaces are supported.
Supports bar codes: EAN-13/UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, and QR codes.
Supports MRZ (machine reading zone) for passports, vises, identity cards, etc.
Uses an advanced deskewing algorithm.
Can detect misoriented pages (90/180/270 degrees rotation) and fix the orientation automatically.
Can invert/rotate/mirror the entire image or some text block(s) before processing.
Can automatically scale an image for better recognition.
Thanks to robust adaptive image binarization, supports images with poor brightness or low contrast.
Can configure image binarization parameters for specific images.
Uses an advanced page layout analysis algorithm (zoning).
Can perform OCR step by step and produce intermediate results.
Uses an advanced lines detection and removal algorithm.
Can perform zonal OCR, that is, allows you to select one or multiple areas for OCR.
Allows you to specify different OCR options for different areas.
Allows you to specify multiple languages for OCR.
Allows you to specify different languages for different areas in same image.
Can detect and process inverted text.
Can use several CPU cores for even faster OCR, even if OCR is performed for one page only.
Is thread-safe, that is, can process multiple images at once by using multiple threads.
Is based on a unique character analysis technology that can accurately recognize any fonts.
Uses advanced algorithms for analyzing poor-quality images, which may contain distorted, connected, and broken characters.
Uses dictionaries for the best recognition.
Allows you to use user-defined dictionaries.
Can format text automatically: remove unnecessary line breaks, combine divided words, detect bulleted lists, etc.
Is highly optimized for the SSE instructions to speed up the OCR process.
Allows you to change the default options and improve OCR results if some image parameters are known.
Allows you to exclude certain characters from the character set if necessary.
Can get additional information about text lines, words, and characters: position, size, quality, etc.
Allows you to specify regular expressions to improve recognition of formatted data.
Fully supports Unicode.
Can load images from memory and save recognized documents to memory, instead of using files.
Is highly mobile: The OCR binaries and data files are less than 10 MB per language.
Has a simple API interface and includes sample projects for various programming languages: C#, C/C++, VB.NET, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual Basic, VBScript, JScript.
Supports a wide range of frameworks and technologies: .NET, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, etc.
Both x86 and x64 native binaries are available for Windows.

The Nicomsoft OCR SDK is designed for using with:
Microsoft Visual C/C++
Microsoft Visual C#
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)
Microsoft Visual Basic
Embarcadero Delphi
Embarcadero C++ Builder
Other programming systems that can access functions in DLLs or use COM objects.


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