FlashAV Software FFMPEG VCL Pack for Delphi 6.3

FlashAV Software FFMPEG VCL Pack for Delphi 6.3
FlashAV Software FFMPEG VCL Pack for Delphi 6.3 | 56 Mb

FFMPEG Vcl Player For Delphi is a vcl player based on directshow and ffmpeg to decode and play video/ audio.

New: Upgrade to latest FFMPEG Runtime(3.1.x)
New: Support Delphi 10.1 update 1
New: Support Playback AES encrypted network stream
New: H264 hardware decoder (require Sandy bridge+), HEVC hard decoder(require Broadwell+)


Support playback Youtube Url directly
Support playback customerized AES encrypted file or network stream.
Support DXVA2 accelerated brightness, hue, contrast, saturation adjust when using EVR Renderer
Support playing all the video / audio that can be decoded by ffmpeg.
Support NV12, YV12(YUV420)/RGB32 display mode (NV12/YV12 about 30-50% faster than RGB32)
Memory stream , http , etc playback
Based on multithread decoding ffmpeg branch , faster on multiple core cpu.
Provide stop , pause , resume operations (based on directshow).
Support fullscreen play.
Dynamic change displaying video ,audio ,subtitle stream.(Note:dynamic video change not supported on some old video cards)
Subtitle support
Text ASS, SSA, SRT, MicroDVD, VPlayer, etc subtitle support.
Bitmap Subtitle display support such as dvd/vob subtitle.
Lots of video filters support(flip, negate, drawbox and watermark, overlay text)
Text To Speech(US English Only)
Support 5.1 dolby audio playback.

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