TMS MQTT for D10.1 Berlin

TMS MQTT for D10.1 Berlin
TMS MQTT for D10.1 Berlin | 5 Mb

Cross-platform messaging client library implementing the full MQTT specification. The MQTT protocol requires an open connection between the client and the broker at all times. When connecting to the broker a client must provide a keep alive interval, this is the maximum allowed timespan in which no messages can be exchanged between the client and the broker. If this period is exceeded, the broker must disconnect the client.


Feature overview
MQTT client component
Can be used in VCL,FMX and LCL applications
Supports Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi
Implements full MQTT specification including QoS, Last will message, message retaining
Fast & multithreading based architecture
Supports secure & non-secure connections
Non-visual logger component included


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