Telerik UI for WinForms R1 2017 SP1 (version 2017.1.221) with Source/Help

Telerik UI for WinForms R1 2017 SP1 (version 2017.1.221) with Source/Help
Telerik UI for WinForms R1 2017 SP1 (version 2017.1.221) with Source/Help | 557 Mb

Telerik UI for WinForms includes more than 90 user interface controls you can use to fulfill the most demanding desktop or tablet application requirements. All-way customizable GridView, Form, Chart, Scheduler, RichTextBox and other essential controls enable you to build any Line of Business or Modern application in less time while staying under budget.


All Telerik Windows Forms controls come with full theme support. You can use any of the 19 included themes (Windows 8, Office 2013, Visual Studio 2012), or build new ones with the intuitive and unique Visual Style Builder tool. The built-in themes help you effortlessly deliver sleek and consistent, next-generation user experiences across your desktop and tablet applications.
Despite having animations and rich visual effects, Telerik UI for WinForms controls feature excellent performance aimed at helping developers like you improve your productivity and deliver better and faster applications in less time.
UI for WinForms enables easy development of complex, high-performing apps by:
Minimizing the amount of required repainting and layout rearrangements
Empowering all data controls with a data engine guaranteeing blazing-fast data loading and updates
Allowing you to exercise fine-grained control over the component’s appearance and behavior using simple CSS-like syntax
Setting attractive defaults for controls supplied by the Telerik Presentation Framework
Providing easy integration with CAB and its underlying infrastructure

UI for WinForms R1 2017 SP1 (version 2017.1.221)


    Add multiple filter conditions in the Custom Filter Dialog.


    When the grid is added to an Outlook add-in typing in the SearchRow results in an exception.
    CellValueChanged event is fired although the null cell value is not changed
    DataRow.RowState is Modified when the cell value is DBNull and the editor is just activated without changing the value.
    Scrolling with the mouse wheel after calling the ScrollToRow method for the first row does not display all available rows in the grid.
    Items of auto-generated combo box column are not loaded when the saved layout is loaded before setting the data source.
    Multiple cell selection is cleared when clicking a cell twice while pressing Shift.
    When RadDateTimeEditor is used and the Mask is set to FreeFormDateTime the value is not saved when one presses tab in the new row.


    Disabling the animations (ThemeResolutionService.AllowAnimations) breaks the popup layout.
    The drop down size is incorrect when the columns size in the inner grid exceeds the popup size.
    AutoFilter does not work in unbound mode.
    Incorrect SelectedValue when entering the exact string in the editable part.


    Setting the wrap mode when navigating the pages using the arrow keys.


    The layout of the ContentArea is not correct in some themes when AutoSizeToBestFit is used.


    All changed styles are reset when the style is applied when only part of the text is changed.
    Disable the header and footer buttons in the insert tab of the Ribbon UI while editing the header and the footer.
    Do not serialize the CaretWidth property in the designer file.


    The diagram is not correctly exported when the zoom is changed.


    Incorrect behavior when the user replaces the selected text and the mask is numeric.


    Setting BackColor/BorderColor to PiePointElement, causes the respective element legend item to disappear.


    Nodes text does not appear when binding at design time.
    Incorrect CheckState for the parent nodes.
    Incorrect check state when the control is in TriState and applying a filter.
    Setting the TreeViewDragDropService.ShowDragHint property to false doesn't hide the drag hint.
    Setting the Handled argument to true in the TreeViewDragDropService.PreviewDragDrop event doesn't stop the basic logic to be performed in unbound treeview.


    Expose API for accessing the splitter buttons and performing expand/collapse programmatically.


    Current time indicator is not refreshed if RadScheduler is not currently focused.
    When only one resource is displayed in Timeline view there is incorrect gap below the horizontal scrollbar.
    ArgumentOutOfRangeException in Windows 10 when opening the Recurrence dialog with CultureInfo("fa-IR") and Persian(Iran) Format.
    ArgumentException when one is resetting the data-source of the SchedulerBindingDataSource.


    InsertMergeFiled is not populated if it is alredy clicked before setting the mail merge data source.


    The Clean and DetachEvents methods of ObservableTableStyleCollection are removed, use the Release method instead.


    Improve RadPropertyGrid performance when an ArrayList of different objects is set to the SelectedObject property.
    FormatException when a part of the value in a drop down editor is entered and the user presses Tab key.


    Remove the Undock option of the RadPopupContainer.PanelContainer from the smart tag.


    NullReference exception when the SearchError event is raised for the BingRestMapProvider.
    OpenStreetMaps example throws exception when the Windows culture is set to Greek.


    The layout of the group items is not updated when they are in another group item.


    When the form is maximized on a two monitor system a few pixels are visible on the second monitor with Windows 10.


    Add item that has a DropDownListEditor for the value part out of the box.
    Option to modify the filter operators’ collection.
    Show checkboxes for Boolean fields not only in edit mode.


    The produced expression must be always valid.


    ValueChanged event so that simple data binding can work two way.


    EndStream keyword cannot be found which results in InvalidOperationException.
    Metadata streams are not exported as plain text when the exported file is PDF/A.


    Documents with global print area cannot be imported because of thrown SpreadsheetNameException.
    General number format containing locale code is not recognized as General and the numbers in the cell are replaced with "General" text content.
    Images are not rendered when ext tag element has zero width or height.


    ObjectDisposedException is thrown when the GC finalize all objects from the ZipArchive.

Telerik UI for WinForms R1 2017 SP1 (version 2017.1.221) with Source/Help


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