DBISAM 4.43 VCL Server-Client XE10.1 Berlin

DBISAM 4.43 VCL D6-D2010
DBISAM 4.29 Build 1 VCL D6-D2010 | 9 Mb

DBISAM is the standard for replacing the BDE in Delphi or C++Builder applications. It has has been deployed to thousands of locations around the world, and can be branded so that no one even knows that DBISAM is being used. It is licensed per-developer, and includes royalty-free distribution. License management isn’t required at all, and the money that you used to pay to the database engine vendor is now your profit to keep.


DBISAM is designed to be included in a pre-packaged database application and can be installed very quickly and easily. The DBISAM Database Server is a single EXE (~1.8MB), only requires a single INI text file for configuration, and can be run as an application or Windows service. Source code to the DBISAM Database Server is included with every purchase, so it can be customized and re-branded, if necessary. The DBISAM client-side code can be compiled directly into Delphi and C++Builder applications. It is also available as an ODBC Driver in the form of a single DLL (~1.5MB) for applications that can use ODBC for data access. DBISAM client code can also transparently switch between local, single-user and client/server, multi-user usage.
DBISAM can automatically create all necessary files when they are needed. DBISAM provides reverse-engineering facilities that allow you to easily create creation SQL scripts and Delphi/C++Builder code that can be run during installation to transparently create any necessary tables and indexes.

Once installed, DBISAM is not fragile and cannot be made inoperable by another application’s installation process. Many database engines are extremely sensitive to configuration changes and require constant attention by an administrator.

DBISAM has been used in retail POS, hospital management, physican and dentist practice management, tax preparation, payroll service, government and public court system management, and web site applications, just to name a few. These applications require constant up-time and consistent performance in order for the application vendor to be successful. DBISAM can help bring the same type of success to your database application.

DBISAM compiles directly into your application with no external libraries required. Runtime package support is also provided if so desired. It has a very small footprint and does not require any forms support in Delphi 6 and C++Builder 6 and higher, which helps keep the size of non-UI applications like services or web applications to a minimum.

DBISAM is available for Delphi 5, 6, and 7, C++Builder 5 and 6, Borland Developer Studio 2005 and 2006, CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 and 2009, and Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010 and higher for Windows. TDBISAMEngine, TDBISAMSession, TDBISAMDatabase, TDBISAMTable, and TDBISAMQuery components are provided for all of these versions of Delphi, C++Builder, Borland Developer Studio, CodeGear RAD Studio, and Embarcadero RAD Studio.

DBISAM 4.43 VCL D6-D2010

Client-Server Access
DBISAM includes support for remote client-server access to a DBISAM database server. You can switch between local or multi-user usage and client-server usage with just a few property changes. Remote sessions include support for keep-alive pinging or the ability to maintain sessions that can survive connection interruptions, complete with dead session management for sessions that will never be reconnected due to a fatal client problem. Connection timeouts for remote sessions can be adjusted, and an event is fired whenever DBISAM is about to disconnect a remote session due to inactivity.
Remote sessions can be configured to use compression and strong encryption when accessing a DBISAM database server. Compression can be adjusted on-the-fly while a session is active.
Activity tracing is available so that you may monitor all requests and responses for a given remote session. This is useful both for performance optimizations and for audit logging purposes.


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